Media Interventions of a Communicator

Radio Canada (RDI) avec Louis Lemieux (2013)

Over the years, Christian Martineau has made several media interventions in the Quebec media. He was received at Radio-Canada (RDI) with Louis Lemieux, at 98.5 FM with Isabelle Maréchal, at FM 93 la musiteck, at V (de V TÉLÉVISION) at Extra with Gildor Roy, and in several newspapers like the Journal de Montréal and other periodicals (reviewed). Also, three videos have been uploaded to YouTube, including, most recently, a video of the very prestigious TED series.

This section gives you an overview of the various media interventions in the media of Mr. Martineau

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Autosphère – Décembre 2015

Following a conference at the Corporation des Concessionaires du Québec (link to site and dates), the journalist Josée Hamelin publishes an article that summarizes part of the talk of this conference.

The title: Non verbal language: show me how you are and I will tell you if you will buy

The article discusses the importance of the hands, the touch, the importance of the role of the woman in the decision of the purchase or the refusal. The article also explains to the reader the sitting positions.

Another source of information is the touch with the information (document) and finally the famous drop of discomfort.

To read the article, you can read it for free here:

Langage non verbal : montre-moi comment tu te tiens et je te dirai si tu achèteras

Invitation à l’émission Ted (juillet 2015)

In less than 20 minutes, five videos demonstrate the signs of lying.

Susan Smith

The audience faces a secret of nonverbal communication:

The dissymmetry of the face that delivers a disguised emotion. Susan Smith also presents a shifty look, little facial expression, and a straight rotational axis.

Hugo Bernier alleged killer of Julie Boisvenue

The arm crossing is explained in detail, the position of comfort, the position of flight, leg pointing to the door, little movement with the upper body, hands that reign by their absence, and finally, the height.

What does a fist hand mean?

To find out and watch the video

The arrest of a person

Explanation on the crossing of the arms, position of escape is demonstrated again. Absent hands, and final explanation of the gout of discomfort.

Bill Clinton

The former president makes a false testimony about Monica Wilensky. A unique opportunity to reinforce our observations on the stress generated by the creation of lies.

Answers with crossed fingers, a space-time badly distributed between the interventions. A fake no, gestures in X and the famous drop of discomfort

A cab driver comes for a job interview

Three micro-expressions in a second, trailing position, hands with little movement, little or no blinking.

Journal de Montréal – Octobre 2014

Martin Couture-Rouleau is killed for what was known as the “first terrorist attack inspired by radical Islamism in Canada”. This lone wolf has sunk on 2 soldiers in a parking lot in St-Jean on the Richelieu.

The article clearly demonstrates two things:

The non verbal communication of Martin Couture-Rouleau carries his message and he endorses it entirely. Moreover, the non-verbal clearly demonstrates that the man is a victim of exhaustion.

Louis Lemieux sur RDI – février 2013

A 20-minute interview on Radio Canada.

In this interview, we are talking about Cardinal Ouellet, who is a candidate for the post of the pope.

The viewing of several videos demonstrates the asymmetry of the face, the blinking of the eyes, the interpretation of gestures with the hands. It is also about the language of a viper.

YouTube – juillet 2012

In 2012, YouTube on how to decode the gestures of seduction. Over 3 minutes and a half, the listener is presented with the 12 most frequent signs of seduction

Since then, the video has been viewed more than 330,000 times!

The magazine ‘La semaine’ also broadcasts a small article on this subject. To read it, go here.

98,5 F.M. avec Isabelle Maréchal – avril 2011

Leader’s Debate, Analysis by Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and Gilles Duceppe

The gesture of Gilles Duceppe is combed.

Anchoring at the lectern, the accusing finger especially with the left hand and after the right hand.

Jack Layton’s gestures are described as follows:

The smile is nice & elbows glued it indicates a shyness

The look of Steven Harper who constantly looks at the camera indicates that he is above the mix; he takes the liberty of not looking at others – almost at the limit of arrogance.

Michael Ignatieff performs a lot of viper language; a moment of delight. Moreover, He often goes on tiptoe … to know the meaning, go listen to the interview!

Appointment here to hear the interview

TÉLÉVISION à l’Extra avec Gildor Roy & Évelyne Audet – (2011)

Invited by Gildor Roy, Christine Gagnon and Christian Martineau talk about the book Seeing Lying.

Through this discipline and reading the non-verbal,

It will be explained then the arm crosses or the crossings of the legs, as well as certain cultural gestures.

Gildor explains that the book is full of clues about reading lies.

During this show, several videos are shown: a global specialist in downloading is received by mistake, The body language of Hugo Bernier, the alleged murderer Julie Boisvenu is also decrypted.

Revue la semaine :

For several weeks, this magazine ran articles on nonverbal communication. In all, these are 8 articles that readers have been able to read on different topics of communication.

Thus, the readers were able to read on:

  • Seduction
  • The authority
  • The well-being
  • Anger
  • The lie
  • The rejection
  • Hands
  • Crosses

YouTube – novembre 2010

Recording of a conference on the secrets of nonverbal communication. More than 800 people attended; in fact, they were the leaders of the Caisse Populaire.

The time that was initially recorded was condensed in 3:00 minutes. Since then, the video has been viewed more than 16,000 times!

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